What made you decide you wanted/needed to start at Wild Workouts?

Five years ago, my friend Laura inspired me to join a biggest loser challenge after a very emotional and stressful move to Colorado and back. One day, I looked at the weight on the scale and decided it was time to take charge. It was the heaviest I had ever weighed and my life was a mess. After winning the biggest loser challenge, I felt GREAT! I looked good and people around me noticed the change. I have been working out ever since, had my ups and downs and tried other trainers closer to my house, but I came back to Wild!

What results have you achieved since starting Wild Workouts & Wellness?

Throughout the years I have been training at Wild Workouts and Wellness, I am physically and emotionally in a better place. I have changed my eating habits, gained confidence in myself, pushed myself to new limits, completed triathlons and half marathons! Above and beyond myself, I have become part of a family of good people who have the same focus of being healthy. This is priceless!

What do you like best about WILD and having a trainer?

Anyone can have a personal trainer, but finding someone who gets to know you personally, your struggles and encourages you makes all the difference! Weekly check ins, eating programs that educate you about nutrition is all part of the package. Without the connection, I would be lost by myself.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

Join the program with a two week trial. Better yet, make a commitment for a month. Assess how you feel. Take surveys before and after. Give it a try and change yourself. If you put your heart and your head into it, anything is possible!