Christina was one of January’s Resolution Challenge winners and her hard work and commitment is what made us choose her for March’s Client of the Month! We love that her whole mentality has shifted from a number on a scale to non-scale victories regarding strength and stamina. Here’s a snapshot of Christina’s story…

How did you first hear about Wild Workouts & Wellness? 

My wonderful friend Lenore brought me during a Bring a Friend week!

Do you have a favorite exercise? What do you like about it? 

Any of the ladder or stepper exercises. I like anything fast-paced.

Least favorite? What don’t you like about it? 

I generally like all of them in moderation, but my least favorite is probably tire pulls – I get frustrated at how slow I am at pulling it.

What achievements are you most proud of? 

When I started at Wild, I was so focused on weight loss and was sure that it was the most important thing I could achieve here. That mentality has shifted (that alone I’m proud of) and I’m more proud of how much more capable I am at doing specific exercises. When I started, I wasn’t able to plank with my feet in the suspension straps for more than 10 seconds or so. Now I’m able to go much longer and can do other exercises like a suspended pike. I’m finding that means more to me than the number on the scale.

Why Wild? What do you like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness? 

I fell in love with Wild during my first bootcamp workout. I went into it afraid that it was either going to be way too intense or too much of a forced feel-good atmosphere. It ended up being a happy medium – I like that the coaches push you to push yourself. Everyone is genuinely supportive and kind, but there’s also a personal accountability factor. I also like that every day is different and that we get to use a variety of equipment and try new exercises.

What advice would you give to other Wild peeps?

Do one of the 28 day challenges. I thought I was eating fairly well, but the challenge really opened my eyes to how many unnecessary sugars and other harmful ingredients I was ingesting without realizing it. I went into the challenge thinking it was a fad diet and that I was going to go completely back to my old habits after, but I’ve realized it’s totally sustainable and that I feel so much better when I am eating real foods.

Do you have a favorite song or type of music for working out? 

My workout playlist is weirdly diverse – from The Kinks to Kendrick Lamar… I even have “Flashdance” on there – but my go-to song when I need that last energy burst is “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” by Dropkick Murphys.

What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on? 

I’d like to challenge myself to lift heavier. I have the cardio side of things down, but the heavy days still scare me a little. Other than that… my goal is actually to keep up what I’m currently doing and enjoy it. I came into Wild thinking “if I lose __ pounds, things will be perfect” which had been my mentality for a couple years. I’ve adopted a much healthier mentality now, focusing on strength and health,  and my goal is to keep that going!