Hello Wild family & friends!

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been TWO years since I was lucky enough to join the Wild family.  Every day I wake up and feel like one of the luckiest people in the world because I love what I do and I get to hang out with awesome people like you!  As September is my anniversary month with Wild, we need to celebrate with a special workout.  We will keep you posted on when that will happen so you can prepare yourself!

I want to personally thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to submit a response to our most recent client survey.  We received almost 150 responses, which is awesome.  We can always improve and your feedback helps us do that, we want to provide the best possible experience for each and every one of you.  The Wild team will be looking into each of the comments that was provided and we will keep you updated with changes.

We are excited to expand the services that we can offer to you, as a client.  Our most recent addition has been the Yoga program taught by Coach Kate.  Classes have been well attended and the feedback has been great.  For the next few weeks, we are going to add an additional Yin yoga class on Thursday mornings at 6:30 am since there is such a demand for extra classes.  If attendance at that class time is also good, we can make that a permanent addition to our schedule.

Starting in October, Wild is partnering with Healthy Contributions.  We’ve received requests from several clients about joining the program and are happy that we will be able to do so.  If you are an employee of Froedtert, Aurora Health Care or Milwaukee Public Schools you will be eligible to participate.  This program is sponsored by your employer and will allow you to receive reimbursement from your employer each month if you attend the minimum number of classes.  Wild will submit your information monthly so once you are enrolled, there’s nothing more you need to do.  If you are interested, please Email me directly as I’ll be managing the program for Wild and we can get you signed up in October.

We are also adding to the available agreements at Boot Camp.  Small group has always had a 2x/week, 3x/week and Unlimited options while Boot Camp only had 2x/week and Unlimited options.  Starting in October, we will add the 3x/week option at Boot Camp.  If you are currently a boot camp client you can switch to the 3x/week option by filling out an addendum.

With the commitment changes, we are also implementing additional benefits to those of you that have a 3x/week or Unlimited agreements.  All Unlimited agreements will receive 50% off Specialty Classes and 3x/week options will receive 25% off Specialty Classes.  (The only exceptions to the new discounts will be Power Hour and Cycle & Strength; discounts for those will be 30% and 15% respectively for unlimited and 3x/week agreements due to the very small class size for Power Hour and the length of the individual C&S classes.)  This does not apply to just new agreements; this is an added benefit that will be effective in October for all existing agreements!  Hope to see you in a specialty class soon!

Of course, the last thing everyone will be asking is, ‘What is pricing or the new 3x/week option?’ Small group pricing will remain as it is currently.  Boot camp pricing will be updated as follows: all Unlimited agreements will increase by $10 per month and all 3x/week agreements will be $10 less than the previous unlimited pricing.  All current agreements will remain at the previous price until renewal and then the new price will take effect.  All new agreements or addendums to existing contracts would fall under the new pricing beginning October 1st.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the updates and we will be happy to answer!  Looking forward to another great year of Wild Peeps setting and crushing their goals!  We are honored to be a part of that journey and look forward to seeing you in class.

Thank you,


[email protected]