Thank you for joining us at Chill on the Hill for the Humboldt Hustle 5K!

We appreciated everyone who came out to enjoy a run through beautiful Humboldt Park.  The weather was a little warmer than expected but the park provided plenty of shade to help out the runners on their 5k journey!  All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Bay View Neighborhood Association so that wonderful events like Chill on the Hill can continue in the future.  After the run, the participants joined the other visitors at the park to enjoy a drink, food and great live music.

Special thank you to the many volunteers that helped out at the water station, street crossings and overall run support to make sure runners didn’t get lost, were safe and remained hydrated.

Congratulations to the overall race winner Chris Larson who finished with a spectacular time of 19 minutes 30 seconds!  Chris definitely earned the plate of food he picked up after the race!

Congratulations to our first female finisher, Liz Poeschl.  Liz finished with a time of 21 minutes 27 seconds.

Special shout out to the Couch to 5k Team from Wild.  Many of the participants were new to running or had not done so in a long time.  The program started 8 weeks ago with the aim of getting everyone ready to complete the Humboldt Hustle 5K.  Everyone on the team finished and did a great job.  Thanks Coach Carla!

Below are the race results for the top 50 participants:

TimeBib #Name
19:30132Chris Larson
20:3794Jason Parry
20:55160Irving Ibarra
21:00103Joe Poeschl
21:27159Daniel Schultz
21:27102Liz Poeschl
22:09162Michelle Zerzanek
22:37131Ted Baszler
23:47153Ashley Braun
24:20:00100Suzan Hamdan
25:08:00147Sasha Karnes
25:10:00134Paul Maynard
25:24:00124Joe Senner
25:48:00107Amy Geiner
25:48:00101Ann Brothen
26:03:0093Mike Lepow
26:20:00141John Lannon
26:27:00161Eric Maynard
26:29:00157Owen Weisse
26:48:00129Rachel Headley
27:29:0096Cameron Kleinfeldt
27:42:00135Abs Mendez
27:51:0087Nicole Loffredo
27:59:0095Jod iKleinfeldt
28:09:00111Nadia Musallam
28:16:00150Emily Liefke
28:34:00156Ben Weisse
28:35:00155Brian Weisse
29:01:0088Christopher Miller
29:12:00158Chris Bausch
29:38:00115Jessica Marquardt
30:02:00116William Relneking
30:03:00149Carrie Collins
30:24:0069Jason Neubauer
30:24:00Emily Haug
30:25:0090Emily Sexton
30:45:00121Jordan Wright
30:55:0085Brian Artka
30:55:0084Aga Artka
31:49:00119Jill Maher
31:49:00120Alison Hood
32:10:00122Lisa McLure
32:10:0082Cat Zyniecki
32:10:00164Keri Whitmore
32:19:00105John Warkaske
32:33:00139Amy Kaczmarek
32:48:0098Steven Walter
32:53:00140Kathleen Williams
32:53:00142Ruth Boulet

Please join us for our next race in the Wild 2018 Run Series, Dash to the Bash on September 15th