Wild Workouts and Wellness is much more than a gym, it is a community.  Working out with friends and loved ones is a valuable part of the lives of many of our clients.

Many of our Wild Couples are pictured above.  Let’s hear why they like to be a part of the Wild Community and why they workout together.


“We are both happier people when we workout.  We keep each other accountable and get to cheer each other on. We are fortunate we have lots of things we both really enjoy doing together – especially skiing and biking.” – Mia & Tony

“Monique and I had never worked out together before. I went to Boot Camp and Monique did Small Group. We both really missed Wild during the pandemic. When we heard about the partner workouts being offered we jumped on board. We’ve really enjoyed being back at Wild while at the same time feeling safe in minimizing our contacts. Working out together is a great way to see the progress we’re both making, plus coach Tom likes to bring out our competitive sides…in a good way! Here is a pic from April while we were solving the Bay View Adventure Club Challenge on our bikes.” – Holly & Monique

“We’re physically & mentally tougher together” – Bill & Kathy

“Normally we can’t work out together, because we have a 7 year old, but because Wild offers zoom classes now we can! We push each other to work out most days when the other feels like sitting on the couch.  Working out together has been a positive thing about the pandemic.  That said, we are looking forward to spring and the return of outdoor bootcamps!” – Kate & Mike

“We enjoy working out with each other because it gives us a healthy, mutual interest. We really like being part of the wild community & love kicking off our weekends with a joint workout on Saturday mornings.” – Ross & Annamarie

“Samantha and I love working out at Wild because of the fantastic coaches and great member community. Working out together keeps us accountable and working out with each other and our friends makes it fun. ” – Bryan & Samantha


If you would like to learn more about how you can workout with your loved one, just drop us a line!