You’ve heard how important it is to stay hydrated. Especially when you’re starting a new workout regimen, you’re going to recover faster and feel better the more water you drink.

But, do you know exactly how water can benefit you? Here’s just a few of the benefits water has for you:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Supports your immune system
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Hydrates internal organs
  • Improves skin complexion

You know you should have more water but how do you increase water intake? It’s very common to know you should have a particular life source, but you may not like the taste, don’t think to do it or don’t have something to carry it in.

We’ve got you covered! Here’s 3 water infusing recipes (in great mason jars, might we add) to help support your goal of increasing your water intake.

With any of these options, simply freeze your favorite fruits and vegetables, and place them in a jar of your choice when you’re ready for a change of pace in your water game!  Simply control the amount of flavor by how much fruit and/or veggies you add!

Lemon Lime Cucumber

Cherry Orange

Watermelon Mint

Now that you know the benefits of water and have a few recipes to help you increase your intake; it’s time to watch the improvements roll in!