Long time client, Dianna, is April’s Client of the Month!
Can you believe Dianna started her fitness journey at Wild… in a boot!?! She was just coming off of ankle surgery and physical therapy and started Wild’s Small Group program to make sure she was getting the individual attention she needed. She’s come a long way since then! We love how she pushes herself and always has a positive attitude and smile. In addition, she’s a great role model for her family and her now power-lifting daughter!

Congrats Dianna, its been a long time coming and you’ve definitely earned April’s Client of the Month title!
How did you first hear about Wild Workouts and Wellness?
I first heard about Wild Workouts and Wellness thru a flyer that was left on my front door 3 years ago.   Wild had just moved to the new location on Delaware and they were running a promotion for two free passes to try it out. It was perfect timing I was just recovering from ankle surgery and needed to get back in motion.  So, I called and scheduled some workouts and the rest is history.  Wild was the perfect fit for me!!!!!!
Favorite exercise? Why?
I really don’t have a favorite exercise, but I do, however, enjoy the Ropes and Boxing it gets my heart rate going and I feel powerful.
Least favorite exercise? Why?
My least favorite exercise, I have to say, is the monster walks, they don’t feel right to me.  It feels awkward and my ankle doesn’t agree with it.
Achievement you are most proud of?
The achievements that I am most proud of is being able to lift weights that I wasn’t able to lift before and that I have been able to keep up with the most difficult or challenging routines.
WHY Wild?
Wild has been a blessing to my life!  Not only is located a few blocks from my house, but the schedule of the workouts is also good and the trainers are the best – they are very accommodating, very personal, and caring! In my personal experience, they change the exercises to meet my needs at the time during my recovery.   I also enjoy the various other activities there such as the free Workshops as well as having the option for boot camps, specialty classes, special events like The Best Me, Challenges and many others. Finally, with that said, I am very grateful to the Wild family for their support and encouragement.
What advice would you give other Wild clients?
My advice to the other Wild clients is to never give up and to try new things even if they seem hard or scary.
 Favorite music to workout to?
My favorite kind of music to workout to is anything that has a good beat to dance to.
What are some goals you are currently working on?
I’m currently working on getting stronger, leaner, building muscle, and becoming more confident in my self when lifting weights.