Ruth Boulet – Yoga Teacher

200 Hour Hatha Yoga

Favorite exercise(s):
Yoga – crow – it’s super challenging & I feel great when I nail it. I do not always nail it.
Wild Exercises – squats.
Can you tell I should probably do more upper body work?

Favorite workout music:
80s pop/new wave, 70s classic rock, The Matrix soundtrack.

Career before Wild:
Degrees in communications, theatre & a masters in journalism. Became a Web developer & did that for 20+ years. Now a yoga teacher, voice actor & event specialist for Race Day Events.

Why Wild?
I just came on board as a Wild client this year & I was impressed with how much the trainers here want clients to succeed & how much fellow clients are rooting for one another. My goal is to offer yoga classes that enhance what’s already great about Wild – being in community & learning about yourself through your own body & mind.