Kate Smith

Kate Smith – General Manager, Boot Camp Manager, Personal Trainer

Certified Functional Strength Coach, Yoga Instructor

Favorite exercise(s):
Turkish Getups, Snatches, Pop Squats, Running, Yoga

Favorite workout music:
90’s hip hop and rap (any booty songs!), Beastie Boys, AC/DC, current pop hits

Career before Wild:
BS in Marketing. Territory Management & Sales for 10 years, then stay at home mom before changing career paths to find my home at Wild.

Why Wild?
I joke I rode the “Groupon train” before finding Wild (as a client). I tried out a bunch of places, but I never really found a home; then I came to Wild. Not only did I get results by following Wild’s exercise and nutrition philosophy, but I really loved the community at the gym. Being around other like-minded people encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and completely embrace fitness as a way of life… and thus came the decision to change my career path as well.

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