Paul Warloski wants every person he works with to become fit, healthy, and confident in their own selves.

He helps people become more mobile, strong, and ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound – or maybe two.

His Boot Camp classes focus on full-body functional exercise, core strength, and fitness.

Warloski is a former middle school English teacher (23 years!) who took early retirement to become a full-time cycling and running coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor.

Simple Endurance Coaching, Warloski’s coaching business, uses the same idea of improving performance through better strength, movement, and endurance to help age-group runners and masters cyclists get after their adventure and bucket list goals.

He rides bikes a lot, runs trails, lifts weights, and does yoga.

He’s married to the very patient Kate, with a 17-year-old daughter named Sarah, and a mutt named Joy.