Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate the mom’s in our lives by coming out to join us for Wild’s Mimosa 5K.  We had a good turn out even though the weather was still not cooperating; don’t worry, it’ll warm up and we’ll get at least two weeks of summer before it’s fall.  I promise!

Before we get to the winners, let’s see how much fun everyone had once the race was over and it was time to get your mimosa!

Now on to your race winners!  In honor of Mother’s Day, we had prizes for the top three women and/or moms that crossed the finish line.

Our 1st place winner was Allison Arndt, finishing with a time of 24:27.  She accomplished this while also pushing her son in a stroller all the way around the course.  Nice job Allison!

2nd place goes to Alyssa Frame, finishing with a time of 26:56.  Nice work Alyssa!

And 3rd place goes to Jane Helstrom, finishing in a time of 27:56.  Way to go Jane!

Please get us on your calendar for our next run taking place at Chill on the Hill at Humboldt Park.  Our Humboldt Hustle 5K will take place on July 23rd at 6:30pm .  Bring along your families and friends for a good time.  And after the race, hang out at Humboldt Park and listen to some music and have a drink.  Online registration for the Humboldt Hustle run will be available soon; check out the main run series page for details!

Proceeds from the Humboldt Hustle are being donated to the Bay View Neighborhood Association so they can continue to put on great events like Chill on the Hill!

Thanks for joining us at our Mother’s Day Mimosa 5K 2019!

Here are finishing times for the top 30 participants.

Bib # Name Time
288 Ted Baszler 21:16
285 Allison Arndt 24:27
270 Mike Lepow 25:18
292 Alyssa Frame 26:56
293 Jane Helstrom 27:56
290 Laura Engelbrecht 28:44
300 Jamie Morrissey 28:54
304 Sue Pike 31:33
303 Andy Pike 31:33
313 Annaliese Borowski 33:36
314 Eleanor Held 33:54
298 Erin McReynolds 33:58
295 Tim Jorin 33:58
280 Megan Sprangers 34:33
268 Krystle Kuzma 34:38
278 Linda Robinson 34:50
308 Kaylee Stake 36:12
267 Erin Denk 37:09
294 Katrina Hull 37:27
265 Katie Borowski 37:27
284 Katie Affholder 37:50
306 Emily Radtke 37:55
307 Chiara Shehata 37:55
279 Amanda Smith 38:41
287 Lenore Burger 38:55
272 Karin McCormick 40:06
271 Amber Lindh 40:35
311 Fil Zucek 42:03
281 Rebecca Thompson 42:13
302 Christine Piasecki 42:27