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Here at Wild Workouts and Wellness we have a program that is exactly for you. We’ve cut though all the clutter so you know what to do to to lose weight and keep it off for good. Our fitness community is about support and encouragement, fun and motivating workouts, and most of all getting you results.

Meet our Staff

Jason Neubauer

Owner Wild Workouts & Wellness
With a background in corporate operations, Jason found himself lacking passion for his work in December of 2016. Entrepreneurship runs in the family, as his wife has owned a flower shop in Milwaukee for 14 years. Seeing her come home from work everyday feeling fulfilled lead him to turn down corporate offers and set out on purchasing his own business.

In September 2017, Jason found Wild Workouts and Wellness.  After researching its 15 years of success and growth, along with its extremely personable community of clients, great team of trainers and business model, he took the leap and placed an offer.

His goals for Wild are simple: connect with clients and the community, grow with humility and never lose sight of the holistic approach to fitness and wellness for which Wild is known.

Jason enjoys cycling, lifting weights, golf and walking his dogs.

Favorite quotes:
All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.

You can if you think you can.

Terressa Dotson

Personal Trainer and Marketing Coordinator

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer 

I graduated from The Art Institute of Phoenix with a BA in Marketing. While marketing and connecting with people is one of my biggest passions, I went through a phase in college where I debated changing my major to kinesiology. I love the way the body moves and how we have the ability to change both mentally and physically. This quickly became a hobby after college when I longed for the days of team workouts and competition. I followed through with my BS and ended up getting my Personal Training Certificate in 2012 after I couldn’t suppress the love any longer.

I grew up as a dancer and cheerleader where lifting up my teammates was a huge priority. As a trainer, I strive to do the same for clients and really dig into the core meaning of their workouts. Sometimes it’s pushing for that extra weight or quicker stride and sometimes it’s a hug!

Favorite Music To Work Out To: Some days it’s 80s rock, others it’s increased-tempo mixes to today’s hits.
Favorite Exercise: Anything booty! burpees, lunges, squats- all of it. Booty day is the best day.
Favorite Quote: “Whatever you fear most has no power- it is your fear that has the power” – Oprah

Wild Workouts and Wellness

Carla Losin

Personal Trainer

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

Carla graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a background in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and a major in Religious Studies.

Carla’s active lifestyle, upbeat personality, and passion for health and fitness led her to personal training. She is a great fit to the holistic approach of Wild Workouts and Wellness. Carla is also an enthusiast for all things local and organic.

When not training, Carla spends time bicycling, gardening and leading kids on nature hikes, teaching them about nature.

Danielle Simonovic

Personal Trainer

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

Favorite Music to workout to: I have had the same playlist on my shuffle that I use for running for the last two years. I just keep adding current songs to freshen it up. There is a mix of 80’s, 90’s, current hits, country and rap. I have every lyric and note memorized from listening to it so much! I have been having fun making playlists for my bootcamps to go with the vibe of the workout. Somedays I amp it up with some rock or maybe some 90’s old school hip hop. I am always down for requests!

Favorite Exercise: Anything involving a kettlebell! Then I love to top it off with any variation of a plank….walkup planks, side planks (personal fav), shifting plank, one legged plank….you name it I plank!

I have always had a love for fitness that started at a young age at home. Growing up I was always playing a sport…volleyball, basketball, softball and soccer. I might not have been the superstar of the team but I learned that hard work and teamwork were the keys to enjoying what you were doing. After college I started to really get into running. I just wanted to get back into shape so I hit the treadmill. Then I soon discovered how great it was to run outside. I entered my first 5K and never looked back. I have run so many half marathons that I have lost track and I am currently training for my 5th marathon.

I have a degree from UWM in Criminal Justice with a minor in sociology. However life led me in a different direction in the retail world. I am currently the General Manager of a Carter’s/Oshkosh By’gosh store. I started working out at WILD in 2013 in the beloved Kettlebell camp. I loved the vibe of the gym! It was so welcoming and inclusive. I started to see amazing results and made me confident in my athletic abilities. There simply is no other place like it! I was lucky enough to go through an internship program with WILD which has provided me with an amazing part time job! It has been challenging yet so rewarding for me to be able to have an impact in the client’s lives.

Wild Workouts and Wellness

Kate Smith

General Manager & Personal Trainer

CFSC Certified Personal Trainer

Favorite music to workout to: I admittedly have an awful “pop”-filled playlist (like Britney Spears & Katy Perry), stuff that embarrasses my husband when I request it… but the upbeat fast tempo keeps me going on my long runs!

Favorite exercise to torture clients with at Wild: I wouldn’t call it torture! They are some of my favorites so I like coaching them in class; kettle bell windmills, Turkish get-ups & really, Bosu’s make everything more fun! Favorite quote: “I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” -Audre Lorde. As a wife and a mother I can sometimes feel guilt for taking time to exercise. I have to remind myself, it’s because I take this time to better myself that MAKES me a better wife & mother.

I grew up in SE WI and went to school at UW-La Crosse. I would never have described myself as particularly athletic, I went through cycles of exercising and not. About a year after my youngest was born I was at my heaviest weight of 180 and decided something had to change, so I signed up for the 2011 Dirty Girl with a friend. I rode the “Groupon” train for awhile and tried a lot of different programs but there wasn’t one in particular that I connected with.

Then I met Amber and connected with Wild Workouts.That’s when I REALLY started seeing changes! I started with a 30 day weight-loss challenge, joined the Run Wild sessions, Cycling & Strength, and at the end of last summer made the Brewers Half my goal with the Wild training program. In 2014 I ran my first marathon! I couldn’t imagine my life without fitness anymore, the people at Wild have given me so much that I’m excited to be a client turned Wild coach and be able pay it forward.

Wild Workouts and Wellness

Tara Baszler

Personal Trainer & Personal Training Facility Manager

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

Favorite music to workout to: Early 90s rap and hip hop. Favorite exercise at Wild: RDLs, bench press, lifting heavy! Favorite quote: Have no fear of perfection.  You’ll never reach it. – Salvador Dali.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Genetics from UW Madison and a Masters of Forensic Science from George Washington University.  Science has always been my strong suit, I love to research and analyze problems.  I spent years to do research in Neurobiology, Cardiac transplant, Genetic Oncology and cocaine addiction.  After the birth of my first child, I realized working full time, going to school at night (Law School this time), caring for a preemie and a new marriage was more than I could handle.  I took a step back and decided to stay home with my kids for the next 10 years.

I grew up as a gymnast and dancer and fell in love with the weight room in high school. I was always pretty active and my husband and I regularly have workout dates, but after my the birth of my third child (and second c-section), I had difficulty bouncing back on my own. I tried a couple of personal trainers before I met Amber and her energy was contagious. I was a client for 2 years before I joined the admin team and am now excited to have had made yet another transition into Personal Training. I earned my Personal Trainer Certification from NESTA in October and have been continuing my education ever since.

Christy Guinane

Personal Trainer

Favorite music to work out to: My musical taste is pretty all-inclusive, but if I really want to be fired up, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ cover of “Higher Ground” must be on the playlist. Favorite Exercise: There are so many to choose from, but I think kettlebell swings have to win this one. And deadlifts! And maybe I don’t LOVE burpees, but I respect them and what they do for us. So basically a kettlebell-deadlift-burpee workout set to “Higher Ground” sounds pretty great to me.

Favorite Quote: “Fall in love with the process, and the results will follow.” I admit I don’t know the original author of this quote, but it’s so applicable. I think we’d all agree that embarking upon a fitness journey as a way to get healthier is a GREAT thing. But I find that something really magical happens when we stop honing in quite so much on a number on the scale, and start focusing on what we can DO. That process is where you go from being a burpee-hater to a burpee-respecter; it’s where you look forward to your workouts because you want to crush that PR rather than go through the motions out of a sense of obligation. It’s where you start to build camaraderie with the people in your classes. I see this process every single day at Wild and it’s a really great thing to be a part of.

I have been active as a means of (semi-successful) weight management for my entire adult life, but it wasn’t until I started taking group exercise classes and weight training that I started to view exercise as more than just calories burned. Once I found workouts that I loved to do, I found myself no longer saying “I have to work out today.” I did and still do look forward to my workouts, whether it’s a long walk with the dog or a kettlebell-deadlift-burpee killer. And with this shift in focus, that semi-successful weight management I mentioned became fully successful and has been maintained for 3 years – which is about 2.5 years longer than my (many, many) previous weight-loss attempts. I consider it an honor to be able to work with people as they find their own process. And I apologize in advance for all of my cheesy jokes!

Wild Workouts and Wellness

Tom Held

Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Favorite music to workout to: Classic rock and romping blues. Favorite thing about Wild Workouts and wellness: All of the different people with different backgrounds striving to be healthier and more fit, sharing the experience. Favorite quote: “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine

Gym class and sports were my favorite parts of high school, and running, biking and cross-country skiing have kept me active for more than 20 years. Workouts provided an opportunity to clear my head during my almost 30 years as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer. I joined Wild Workouts nearly three years ago, and have been motivated by the people around me in classes. The opportunity to coach has been invigorating.

Our program is designed for effective and efficient exercise. Our workout programs maximize your time in the gym to get you the body you want without wasting your time. Our fat loss workouts increase your metabolism and energy, while seeing a decrease in body fat. Many of our members lose 5 to 12 pounds of fat in 30 days.

Holistic approach to fat loss, nutrition & fitness. The WILD approach is about long term results. The foundation of your fatloss and fitness is HEALTH. Our approach deals with all lifestyle aspects so that your health increases as your weight decreases. The EAT WILD plan adds foods that are nutritious and optimal for our body. As people begin to EAT WILD, they experience less cravings, see health issues disappear, and lose unwanted body fat.

Expert trainers facilitate workouts so that everyBODY can participate. Do you feel that you can’t exercise or maybe you have a physical limitation? Not here at Wild Workouts & Wellness. We have people in their 60’s working out with people in their 20’s and each person has different abilities. Yet EVERYONE gets an amazing workout because of our individualized approach to exercise selection. You do the exercises that are right for YOU.

A Fun Environment to Workout. We are more than just a gym, we’re a fitness community. And we like to have fun! After a long day at work, how nice is it to go to a place where you can share some laughs while you’re getting a good sweat.

Inspiring You to Do More and Be More. We’re here to push the limits and help you go above and beyond what you think may be possible. Going it alone is hard. So, our group workouts have you working out with like-minded peers along with a fitness coach pushing you and motivating you beyond what you could ever do on your own – so you can make sure every day is a good day.