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Amber Budahn found her passion for fitness through her experience as a 6 time All-American Collegiate record holder.  After college, Amber moved to the Olympic Training Center to (literally) run for her goals of making an olympic team. But the pressure and lack of proper nutrition eventually left her burnt out, exhausted and unmotivated.

Desperate to feel better, Amber tried what she thought was a last resort: holistic health. After researching and finding mentors in the holistic health field, she finally started to get better. This experience is what led Amber to become a personal trainer. Her knowledge of holistic health, experience in the fitness industry and passion to truly feel her best allowed her to create the perfect storm of successful results for clients in a sustainable way.

Wild Workouts and Wellness is unique to the industry because it truly incorporates natural health practices into a fun and challenging atmosphere for any part of a client’s fitness journey. Not only do the clients at Wild see results in the mirror, but they feel better mentally and physically.

After over a decade of successful client growth; Amber Budahn sold Wild Workouts and Wellness to it’s new owner, Jason Neubauer, in September of 2017.

A Letter From Owner, Amber Budahn

Fitness changed my life.  It started with high school sports, when you’d run a mile in gym class. Without any training, I always ran a fast mile… like beating everyone in class kinda fast. My gym teacher suggested I go out for track and field, after some hesitation, I joined and finished my high school career with a full athletic scholarship to the University of Wisconsin Parkside.

I loved being a collegiate athlete. I looked forward to going to practice every day because I loved working out and I loved hanging out with my teammates. I enjoyed racing success by seeing numerous conference, regional, and national championships. At the end of my college career, I was a 6 time All-American and school record holder. But, my college career was not all rosy and cheerful. I was plagued with injuries and ill health due to improper nutrition and over-training. I was amenorrheic and suffered 4 stress fractures during my 5 year stint. I was frustrated, because I would follow the conventional exercise wisdom when it came to working out eating. I was very fit but very unhealthy.

After college, I wanted to continue racing and moved out to the Olympic Training center. Unfortunately, my health and body were in rough shape and were taking a toll on my mental health. I had a hard time finishing races and attending practices. I still did not have a period and I was experiencing insomnia while completely burning out.

I invested a lot of money in top professionals to try and get my health back on track so I could achieve my dream of making an olympic team. I was prescribed pills from doctors and to count calories and cut fat from nutritionists. Taking medication did not resonate with me and the nutrition advice did not work. Even when I was training 100 miles a week, I had a hard time maintaining my health and weight.

Desperate to feel better, I looked to holistic health because I was only getting worse. After much research and mentorship in the holistic health field, I finally started to get better. What I loved most is that I finally received the right tools to be healthy and fit.

My love for fitness paved the path for me to get into personal training. My knowledge for holistic health allowed me to create a platform to deliver results to clients in a sustainable way that promotes health, happiness and a vigor to do more and be more in life!

The foundation of Wild Workouts and Wellness stems back to my experience as a collegiate athlete. For each and every client, I wanted the workouts to be the best part of their day. I know that when you go to Wild that you will truly have a great time and you’re surrounded by a network that will catapult you to achieve your fitness goals while having fun.

Wild is unique in the fitness industry because they truly apply natural health methods to the practice. From its smart workout design to the 4-pillar health and lifestyle approach. Wild’s clients not only see results in the mirror, they FEEL results from the moment they get up until their head hits the pillow. Wild provides a total health makeover in an environment that keeps it fun and motivating. Its track record speaks for itself. Many clients have been with Wild since day 1. We are honored to be an integral part our clients lives and health journeys.

Amber Budahn